Health For Life

Spa & Skin Care

Health For Life offers massages, free skin analysis, facials, and other rejuvenating and cleansing services to detoxify and relax your skin and body.



Massage therapy improves circulation in the muscle tissue and gently flushes away toxins that get trapped in the muscle fibers. Toxins such as old lymph fluid and lactic acid are pushed back into circulation and the body flushes them out through the digestive tract. A massage can regulate the digestion system, blood pressure, decrease anxiety or stress issues, and induce spiritual & emotional well being when it is received on a regular basis.

Massage with Rapid Release Technology

Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) focuses on pain relief for soft tissue problems affecting nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. RRT was designed to target muscle tissue with a specific vibration frequency that is known to break apart adhesions from scars.

Facial skin analysis

Our professional Emage Skin Analysis technology can document visible and invisible skin conditions for you to see what is hidden. Education about your skin conditions and solutions to consider are provided with your free skin analysis. 


Phyto5 Light Therapy ~ Facial & Body Treatments

The body is not simply matter (fluids and solids), but also vital energy (Prana, Chi, Qi).  It provides vitality and intelligent information to move throughout our body; this flow needs to stay balanced.  The body is an energetic network interconnecting all organs through pathways (acupuncture meridians), energetic centers (chakras) and energy fields.  As a result our skin, the largest organ of the body, is a mirror providing telltale signs of what is going on within our body; Beauty is Health Made Visible.

paramedical skin revision with dmk (Danne Montagne-King) Technology

The DMK revolutionary concept aims to match an individual's biochemistry with the appropriate professional skin therapy and home prescriptives.

There are no secret formulas, no special techniques from abroad and no miracle scientific breakthroughs that alleviate all skin problems including aging. There are only the dictates of our body's own chemistry, and we must match that chemistry as closely as possible to provide the maximum ideal environment for healthy skin. DMK products are created around the concept that the cells only respond to nutirients they recognize as part of the human body's natural blue print. In other words "food that the cells need to stay alive longer." ~ Danne Montague-King

Body wraps for Cellulite & Lymphatic Drainage

Our aestheticians are specially trained and certified in procedures that help detoxify and remodel the body. Whether you are looking to lose a few inches quickly for a special event or want a treatment plan to slowly detoxify your lymph system, we offer multiple solutions to meet your treatment goals.