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"While in search of someone with our common beliefs regarding health and wellness, my wife and I have found no one as professional, knowledgable, caring and devoted to dissolving the route of health issues as Sylvie Morin, DOM. She has embodied the true meaning of Givers Gain through repeated aid to our children and our health over the last months and has helped remove our skepticism and insecurity towards Chinese and alternative medicine. If you know of anyone or are personally experiencing repeated health problems, please visit with Sylvie Morin, DOM. Thank you."
- For Sylvie Morin, D.O.M. Acupuncturist


"I would like to thank you for your series of treatments on my left foot. I had an accident by falling off my roof thirteen years ago... Your treatments have given me the ability to walk normally. I recently walked five miles with tennis shoes rather than the special shoes from after the accident. Your treatment has had a profound effect on my life."
- For Sylvie Morin, D.O.M. Acupuncturist


"Thank you for all of the time and effort you and the staff at HFL recently contributed in my healing process. I have felt better than I've felt in quite some time, actually, since the stroke... For the recommended food therapy, exercise, massage, reflexology, acupuncture, and herbal therapy - all together proved to be the beginning of my pain abatement to where I am to relax and enjoy life again."
- For Sylvie Morin, D.O.M. Acupuncturist

B. Byrd

"Vlad is AMAZING!!!! I have felt the most "normal" I have felt in 4 yrs since I broke my back. I really can't believe it! Please extend my thanks!"
- For Vlad Zabolotnyy, Licensed Massage Therapist MA# 34338, MM# 35458

Sam H.

"I have had 7 visits to date and notice at least 60% improvement in back pain. I can carry some heavy weight without severe pain. No chiropractor has given me this much improvement. His technique is definitely different."
- For Dr. Doug Weber, Chiropractor